AT POST: Birwadi (Bhatsa Dam Project Road),Taluka : Shahpur, District : Thane
OFFICE : 204, Raikar Chambers (Opposite Govandi Post Office),Govandi(E), Mumbai-400 088
Email: enquiry@dirghayuinstitute.com
MOBILE: 077100 20384, 07710020385

DIRGHAYU INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY has the best of the Infrastructures as per the requirements of the industry:

The LECTURE HALL at DIRGHAYU INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY is airy, spacious, comfortable, equipped with LCD Projector, Audio Visual demonstrations wherever necessary & most important is the detailed explanation of different topics from the respective syllabus of the subject in Marathi & Hindi languages as well, so that candidates from different socio-economic backgrounds can grasp the importance & gravity of the subject.

Separate READING ROOM is provided for the candidates at DIRGHAYU INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY to make the individual more knowledgeable on the subjects taught during the day schedules & also to refresh themselves mentally by reading books on other topics from the well stacked Library.

The PRACTICAL HALL at DIRGHAYU INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY is the heart & vision of any Professional. Huge hall with ample light, space for every individual & vitally important are the independent sections under one roof, where the candidates are thoroughly trained to practice, learn & work by our trained staff so that he/she can work on own in any of the Housekeeping, Kitchen or Food & Beverages sector of this Country.

A) Every individual candidate is perfectly trained with actual cleaning procedures of the rooms occupied by guests, public areas like gardens, swimming pool, game zones etc. & most important actual physical confrontation with guests for “HOUSEKEEPING” Realistic Practical’s.

B) Every individual candidate for “FOOD PRODUCTION & COOKERY” is actually made to work and cook in the ultra modern and well equipped kitchen, Bakery for preparation of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bakery products, Tea and Beverages for Realistic Practical’s.

C) Every individual candidate is confronted with the Guests at the Dining Hall, for Realistic Practical’s in serving of food and beverages, cleaning and serving procedures, handling of serving trays, maintain buffet counters, room service procedures etc for ”FOOD & BEVERAGES, SERVICES AND SKILLS”

D) Every individual candidate is thoroughly and rigorously trained and groomed in our front office and is actually made to confront with the guests for reservations and ticketing procedures for “TRAVEL & TOURISM” operations.

E) Every individual candidate opting for “AGRICULTURE TOURISM” is actually made to conduct different activities like Tractor ride, Bullock cart ride, Agriculture Tour etc for the guests, so that he / she can work confidently and independently in future.

*All the Guests are initially informed about the trainees and are actually requested to fill up the printed “Performance Data” of each individual candidate for personal evaluation of each individual candidate in the respective sector. This very much helps to improve the Individual Performance and also builds up the confidence level of each individual candidate, to confront with different types of guests, when working with any Organization, in future.

*Separate STORE ROOM is provided at DIRGHAYU INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY to train each candidate in the individual sector, thoroughly by our trained staff about the different procedures of stocktaking, recordkeeping, maintenance of store and all other procedures related to “STORE”.

* Fresh & Hygienic meals are provided to every individual candidate for DAYTIME / RESIDENTIAL courses at DIRGHAYU INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY in our well equipped, spacious & spotlessly clean DINING HALL.

* Comfortable HOSTEL Accommodation with individual locker, clean toilets, baths is provided to every individual candidate at DIRGHAYU INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY.

*Our ultimate aim at DIRGHAYU INSTITUTE OF HOSPITALITY is to teach, train and groom every individual candidate to such an extent that when he / she enters this competitive practical world shall be able to manage not only own self but stand so stubbornly to support the entire family for lifetime with the economic gains achieved from the evergreen field of TRAVEL & TOURISM, AGRICULTURE TOURISM, FOOD PRODUCTION, HOUSEKEEPING, COOKERY, FOOD & BEVERAGES.